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Keep your customers in the know

Create and share customizable messages that let your customers know you’re aware of a service disruption and all of the things you’re doing to get back online.

Build customer confidence

  • Let your customers know when services have been disrupted, then keep them up to date on all of the things your team’s doing to restore them.

Reach them where they are

  • Share messages with your customers through the channels they’re most likely to look for them.

Reduce call volume

  • Keep your customers updated with proactive messages, so your frontlines can stay focused on restoring services.

Create and share updates faster

  • Logging into multiple social accounts or IVR systems to update your customers takes time that most teams can’t spare. I-DE-A’s customer communication tools allow you to create, share and publish messages right in the same platform you already use to assemble crews.

Make sure your communication is consistent

  • Every message you share with customers should include key details like estimated restoration time or cause. But, when you’re juggling multiple tasks at once it can be easy to forget everything that should be communicated. I-DE-A’s message templates help your team communicate consistently, so customers always have the details they need.

Measure your call campaign performance

  • After a service disruption, it can be a challenge to know if your communications efforts worked — without the right data. With I-DE-A’s call campaign dashboard you can quickly spot how many customers you were able to reach during your last disruption and how many of them engaged with your message.
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